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Female European Spanish Voice Over Talent – Marina Mollá

Female European Spanish voice over talent

  • Spanish native (Castilian from Spain)
  • Own home-studio
  • Freelance

European Spanish voice over actress with home-studio

I am Marina Mollá, European Spanish voice over actress with own home studio. If you’ve gotten this far, it’s because you’re looking for a female Castilian Spanish voice talent that rocks. You found me!

I have been working as a professional voice over artist for a few years and, as you can see on the right hand side of this page, there is a selection of my latest voice demos for voice over projects.

I can deliver audio recordings in .wav, .mp3, .aiff, etc, in as little as 24-48 hours (depending on the project), through commonly used file sharing tools such as Dropbox or Drive, always maintaining the most strict confidentiality of your files. It’s one of the perks of being a Spanish freelance voice over artist with a home studio! 😉

My services as a Spanish online voice over artist

I have experience in narration and voice over narration in many areas. I’m the right choice if you are looking for a:

  • European Spanish voice over talent for corporate and institutional videos
  • European Spanish voice over talent for e-learning narration
  • European Spanish voice over talent for phone messanges, on-hold (IVR)
  • European Spanish voice over talent for documentary voice over
  • European Spanish voice over talent for TV commercials and radio commercials
    European Spanish voice over talentfor explainer videos
  • European Spanish voice over talent for audio-descriptions or audioguides

How to hire me as a European Spanish voice over talent

As I am usually locked up in my studio with my phone silenced, to hire my services as a European Spanish voice over talen, it is best that you contact me via email at or via WhatsApp at 0034 630830110.

Details about the project are key for me to be able to provide an accurate quote for the job. For this reason, I will need you to specify the following info:

Project type: whether it is a corporate video, a documentary, an e-learning programme, the script of a video game character or any other kind of online production you are carrying out for yourself or your business.

Scripts/Video: this is probably the most important part. I will need to revise the script and the video (if there is one) to be able to get an estimate of the time I will take to finish the project and come up with the relevant questions to fully meet your expectations. If you do not have the materials, I will need some sort of orientation as to the number of words in the script or the length of the video.

Sync/Normal path: if you need me to do a  synchronised online voice over to video, or simply an voice over recording at a normal path. Any guidelines regarding the voice style, voice logging, etc., will be appreciated.

Budget: if you have a budget in mind, please let me know in your message, and once I have seen and reviewed the material, I will be able to confirm whether I can take it on and inform you on my availability.

Marina is a professional voice over talent! Prompt, efficient and top quality recording!

Elena Luna

Project Manager, Trágora

My studio equipment

I have my own home-studio with all the necessary equipment to produce an excellent professional voice over quality:

  • Isolated sound-booth
  • Neumann TLM103 microphone
  • Rode NT1A microphone
  • RME BabyFace Pro Audio Interface
  • Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Vegas Pro

Would you like a free demo? European Spanish – Female Voice

Send me your voice over script or a couple of sentences and I will send you a custom demo with my voice. This way you will be able to have an idea of what the final product will sound like. 🙂

English with Spanish accent – Female voice artist

I am a European Spanish online voice over actress (Castilian – Spain native), but I have lived for long periods of time in the United Kingdom and Italy, so I am able to produce online voice overs in Spanish as well as Italian and English (with a Spanish accent). Clients always see this as something positive as there are many scripts that contain words in other languages. With me, you can rest assured that, a part from knowing native colleagues who help me achieve the exact pronunciations, that my results are usually very satisfactory. 🙂

As well as a professional voice over actress, I am also a professional translator, so I am able to translate your online voice over scripts from English or Italian into Spanish (if you need it in another language, I have colleagues that can do it).

Audio and video editing as an online Spanish voice over artist

All my renders are revised before sending out the final render. I clean and edit the audio to obtain the highest possible quality. You don’t need to worry about this.

I have a degree in audiovisual communication, so you can count on me to edit your videos. I work with mixing audio and video daily, for projects that require temporary syntonisation, so if you send me the original material, I can edit it and deliver the final video with the Eruopean Spanish voice over.

What characteristics does a professional voice over artist have?
If you are looking for a professional Spanish voice over artist, you will need to find someone who cares about your voice over project and the final result, doing everything possible for you to be fully satisfied.



How do I calculate the cost of my work as a Spanish voice over artist?
It depends on the project. I am a professional EU Spanish voice over artist, and as such, I want to make sure the quote is fair and in accordance with what I can offer as well as what you can earn with me. 😉 Generally, when I quote, I apply a minimum per project and a price per minute or per word. Contact me and we can talk about it.


How much time do I have as a freelance online voice over artist?
As I am a freelance EU Spanish voice over artist, I can adjust and organise my work in accordance with my customers’ deadlines as well as my possibilities. In the mornings I work in an external studio, but I have all the afternoons free for your projects. Tell me, when do you need the recording for and I will happy to record it!



Which styles is your voice for?
I am an commercial voice over artist, but I also do voice over for all kinds of audiovisual content, telephone messages (IVR), video games, elearning, corporate, institutional, etc. Additionally, my voice is pretty versatile and natural, no conventionalities. Voice over artists must convince the buyer, and emotions are what convince. Voice over artists must motivate the user, and naturally is what makes them feel close to the brand.


Looking for a Castilian Spanish boy or girl voice?

My voice log of a teenager is very good. Ask me for a demo and you’ll see! If you’re looking for a voice over artist who can do child and teenager voices, I am your voice! 🙂

Children voices in Castilian Spanish (Voice over in European Spanish)

I have several voice logs for child characters with my female voice. You you want to hear them? Contact me.